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Our new SW 4WRD line is the authentic original patented newest model (often couterfeited) from the real IO Chic (many Chinese companies have used a form of IO Chics name for their own copy cat brand and sell them cheap but make no mistake they are so cheap, becaues they are cheap and buyers probably will not be able to get parts for them when they brake which judging by the number of calls we get from customers who didn't realize, that need for parts came a lot sooner than it should have.

IO Chic invented the hoverboard and owns the patent and intellectual property. As the first to produce hoverboardss they are the leaders in hoverboard technology and style and were the very first hoverboard to achieve the new UL2272 safety rating implemented by UL in 2016 specifically for hoverboards and electric scooter products. IO Chic used to allow some select manufacturers to become approved by them to ship under their patent for a fee, but recently stopped this processd due to many sellers claiming to be IO Chic actually selling low grade copy cat and counterfeit boards which has caused IO Chic to file several law suits and injunctions and has led to many cheap copy board shipments being confiscated by customs. You will see many fake IO Chic boards on the large auction type web sites being sold real cheap because they are real cheap. We are excited to bring you the best in hoverboards and this newest design is not only UL2272 certified and has new safe battery packs with UL certifide chargeres but these includes a new style & even paint that is through the body so it won't scrape off or fade like the cheap ones, open wheel wells so grass and rocks do not get caught up in the wheel fenders, new light & indicator light designs, UL overcharge protected chargers and the safest & highest quality boards. Even though the design of the authentic 4WRD models is upgraded, it still maintaining the origninal hoverboard look and design they originally made famous as the original inventors IO hoverboards that did cost much more. You used to have to pay over $1000 to get one of the brands IO Chic made which is why so many companies tried to counterfeit their brands, but now you can own their latest model for an awesome price from Smart Wheels with local service here in Central TX USA and avoid having to worry about getting a cheap knock off or unsafe board that is not truly an original IO Chic product. We currently have stock the new 2017 SW 4WRD by IO Chic in Red, Black and Blue and can ship out within 1 business day. 




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